About Deckheds

Wedding DJ

‘Me, Myself and I’
– De La Soul

My name is Karl Yates. I have been a DJ for over 25 years, a vinyl collector and obsessive music lover for even longer. I have DJ’d professionally for over 20 years.

Deckheds is the combination of all this experience – and we want to bring this to your wedding.

I have had weekly club residencies for the last 15 years and I am also the resident DJ at Kendal Calling Festival. I play to 100’s sometimes 1000’s of people every single week. If I was to estimate the number of gigs I have done in this time it must be around 3,500.

Deckheds is Karl & Kate Yates, a husband and wife run wedding and event company based in Preston, Lancashire. I’m Karl the DJ and use the legendary Technics 1210’s and vinyl and timecode vinyl – what some would call a real DJ – but I have also embraced the newest digital DJ technology for which I have become a world-renowned expert.

I help leading companies such as the Berlin based Native Instruments test their newest DJ software and hardware products plus I give help and support to 100’s of 1000’s of DJs wishing to learn about traditional and digital DJing via their support forum.

I am a Native Instruments sponsored DJ.

I am also the editor and co-writter of Traktor Bible – the worlds most popular reference manual for digital DJing.

I take the traditional skill and ethos of using turntables and combine that with the latest technology to give you a complete real DJ experience and unlike many other wedding DJ’s I’m not a plumber by day and a DJ by night. I am a DJ, that’s it. Everything I do in my work life is connected to DJing.

ME Blue Peter Badge

Kate and I on our wedding day in our Mini CooperSport called Joe.Mini

24/7 I am either Djing, writing about DJing or advising other DJs.

I live and breathe DJing.

Phew – that was all a bit serious but I guess you needed to know.

Fun stuff

I eat lots of apples. I love cats. I collect Andy Warhol memorabilia. I build stuff out of LEGO, I love robots – I’m scared of eggs and I secretly think I’m Batman.

Loves red shoes, she ‘rocks a lot of polka dots’, loves cats, bakes great cakes, is obsessed with Giraffes and dances like there’s no tomorrow.