Thank You Cards.

We love getting testimonials and thank you’s from our couples especially when a couple takes the time to send us a card. Here’s some of the cards we received in 2016.

Andrew & Lucie – Marquee, Newton In Bowland. 11th June 2016.
 Susan & Edward – Bartle Hall, Preston. 18th June 2016.
sooz1sooz2Johanna & Richard – Birmingham Botanical Gardens. 3rd September 2016. cope1Chris & Donna – Cripps Barn, Gloucester. 16th September 2016.
chris2 Dave & Becky – Oh Me Oh My, Liverpool. 23rd October 2016.
Faye & Pete – Pendrell Hall, Staffordshire. 29th October 2016.

The Wild Berrys Testimonial:

We love every testimonial we receive whether it’s a ‘thank you’ card or text, a lovely message on Facebook or a great email. It blows us away when people take the time to write to us and say nice things about what we do.

Jon & Maria’s testimonial genuinely reduced us to tears.

We worked with Jon & Maria for over a year planning the music for the daytime, the wedding breakfast and the evening party. We also made Maria her very own birthday Bowie mix from her favourite David Bowie songs. Finally, Jon & Maria had an idea for a mashup for their last song so some hour were spent in our home studio creating the last tune of the evening.

We drove 200 miles and arrived mid morning to setup and get ready for day ahead. Jon & Maria gave us a great room in the B&B for us to stay over-night so after a quick change and freshen up we were ready for a mammoth day of celebration.

We were invited to the humanist ceremony which was set deep in the woods around the B&B then we all gathered for high tea before the party started and then we DJ’d till the early hours playing music that Jon & Maria had chosen. Their eclectic taste had us going from dub, hip-hop, indie, rock to reggae and electronica. We loved every minute in the company of wonderful people.
The next day we had breakfast with the family said some tearful goodbyes and drove home having made some incredible memories.

Here it is in full with some photographs from the day and night.

“To Karl & Kate”
From the first email correspondence with Karl and Kate we could tell that they were a friendly, passionate team who had a very personal, unique service at the heart of what they do. We quickly discovered they had the same musical interests as us, as they probably do with everybody as they have a wide ranging eclectic taste and the emails going back and forth were like arranging our wedding music with friends.

Over the year that we worked with them it was very enjoyable discussing music and genre’s, picking our music playlist for our wedding and working out how the day was going to go with daytime background music, special songs, particular moments, speeches, first dance, last song and of course, the party playlist. There were not any problems, nothing was too much for Karl and Kate and the whole experience went as smoothly as it could have, the Deckheds customer service and overall experience is truly how every service should be provided, friendly, passionate, personal and professional, especially when it comes to weddings.

Karl and Kate invited us to come and meet them at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza six months before our wedding which was being held close to home. It was such a nice idea and lovely to meet them before our big day. They were exactly how they came across on the emails and we all got on really well. It was also a great opportunity to have a good chat about music and the wedding.

We actually ended up sending Karl a an 18 hour playlist for the day and a 10 hour playlist for the evening, this would have been a huge amount of work for him but he took it in his stride, encouraged us to send more music if we remembered or discovered it and gave us updates on how much he was enjoying our tunes. He created a 40 minute David Bowie medley for the bride’s birthday to play during evening food and combined 3 tunes for an epic last song of the night. The entire day and night of music was absolutely perfect, geniusly arranged and delivered, everybody loved it!

On the day of the wedding Karl and Kate were brilliant! They were part of the wedding party, chatting with guests, helping out and part of the life and soul of the party. They were so easy to work with and a massive part of making our perfect day so personal and special. There were many musical moments where the right song was played at exactly the right time; tears, laughs, memories and conversation were all shared on our special day as a result. We could not have asked for more from the Deckheds team, truly an experience to be cherished.

Jon and Maria Berry – Wild Berry Wedstival -06/08/16

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All our most recent testimonials can be read on our Facebook page.


Karl & Kate

Kendal Calling Festival 2016



Kendal Calling Festival 2016:

We were back in the fields of Cumbria last weekend for my 10th year as resident DJ at Kendal Calling and what a festival it was.
We really didn’t think last years festival could be topped but it was and we still have to pinch ourselves that we did it.

First up was our Britpoporama Set in Tim Peaks Diner on the Friday: 1am – 3am.
Tim Peaks was the brainchild of Tim Burgess from The Charlatans and at Kendal it’s in a hut with café serving great coffe and cakes and has hosted gigs and DJ sets by some of the biggest bands that have graced the main stage at the festival – it really is a special place.

This year there were special sets by indie darlings Blossoms and a DJ set by ‘This Is England’ actor Thomas Turgoose who still owes me a pint for borrowing my headphones.

This year was the 3rd year in a row that we did our Britpop set and it was completely and utterly packed to the rafters and as ever the tables were full of people dancing (see pics), they even brought in more barriers to stop people flooding behind the DJ booth and coffee shop. An amazing crowd in full voice singing along to massive tunes (that’s what it’s all about) it was rammed right through till 3am.


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Our second set was a 4 hour Indie Disco Set on the Calling Out Stage after Noel Gallagher had finished on the main stage.
This was the last big stage to close and we had the honour of closing the festival to over 3,000 people.
It was crazy last year and this year surpassed it. It was 6 deep outside the tent from 11pm – 3am upwards of 3,000 people going absolutely boo-loo. It was a huge honour to close the festival again especially to such an amazing and appreciative crowd.
The evening ended in what has now become the annual gathering of Artist Liaisons and Production Crew members partying on stage and basically getting in the way and having a dance. These guys are the people that make the festival work and they do an amazing job…despite stealing my cider.

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13920132_10157294123615714_6617356295170412993_o 13640952_10157294123465714_2070895672285264367_o

Sadly the band Viola Beach were due to play this year so we decided to include their single ‘Swings & Waterslides’ in the set but at the last minute I decided to pick up the mic and ask the crowd to put heart signs in the air as a tribute to the band and then I played the song. The whole tent put hearts in the air and it was a touching

This year was our 10th and best Kendal Calling Festival as resident DJs… we can’t wait for next year.

Karl & Kate


10 Tunes For No Reason #4

So here’s another 10 Tunes For No Reason.
There’s absolutely no theme to this. They aren’t necassarily tunes we would play at a wedding they are just tunes that we like – Hopefully you will like some of them too.

10 Tunes For No Reason #3

So here’s another 10 Tunes For No Reason.
There’s absolutely no theme to this. They aren’t tunes I would play at a wedding they are just tunes that we like – Hopefully you will like some of them too.

…and one just one more cus, well just cus..

Karl & Kate

Love, Love, Love.

Our WEDHEDS page is still under construction – all good things take time.
Meanwhile here’s a few of the nice things that people have been saying about us recently.

It absolutely floors us when people take the time to email us and say such nice things about us. We get a lot of love on the night of a wedding but to get so much after, even weeks after on Instagram or Facebook is just the BEST…!!!

Below are some testimonials from our recent weddings plus some screen grabs from Facebook and Instagram. (please click on the testimonials to see the text).

Getting a lovely note included in an envelope with booking contract was amazing. We don’t use automated email or booking software. We answer every email personally and go into lots of detail about the couples choice of music because we feel that the first email a couple receives from us can set the tone and hopefully lead to a booking and a great relationship based on a love of music. So to receive this note about how we do business before a single tune has been played was extra special.note



Janet and Rob Testimonial

Laura & Tim


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Kendal Calling Festival 2015 [10th Anniversary]

Well… what a weekend I had DJing at Kendal Calling Festival 2015 as resident DJ for the 9th year.
This year was Kendal Callings 10th Anniversary so it was always going to be special and boy did they pull out all the stops.

Amazing shows from James, The Vaccines, Snooooooooooop Dogg, Public Service Broadcasting and the Everly Pregnant Brothers doesn’t even touch on the plethora of incredible performances… but hey we aren’t here to talk about those guys… Let’s talk about us.

Headlining the Friday night in Tim Peaks was always going to be amazing after last years unbelievable ’20th Anniversary of BritPop’ set that nearly took the roof off and this year was no different. Tim Peaks was over-flowing and the atmosphere was incredible right through till 3am.
Unfortunately we are still trying to locate the footage of some of that set which we will find once we have searched the 3 cameras and 4 phones we used…again.

Then came Saturday and another headline slot closing the ‘Calling Out Stage – Indie Disco’ after the lovely Tim Cocker (XFM). The tent was heaving with over 2,000 people going bananas till 3am.

The next morning… well I was up for 10 minutes, ate a bag of crisps and went back to bed for another 4 hours… leaping around that huge stage to an audience that was going crazy and loving every second wore me out.

…but hey, then came Sunday and more of the same.

Sunday night closing the festival in ‘Calling Out – Indie Disco’ was something very very special indeed.
Again another rammed tent with 2,000 people going crazy for an Indie Disco was exactly what Kendal Calling needed and it was an honour to close the festival.

Tune of the weekend has to be The Everly Pregnant Brothers – ‘Kendal Calling’ and with a full stage invasion from the awesome KC Crew and then Oasis to end…that was it Kendal Calling 2015 was over and it was glorious. Bring on Kendal Calling 2016.

MASSIVE thanks to everyone that helped me, plied me with cider, gave me food, gave me buggy rides and especially my friends for their support but…more than anyone, thank you to Kate my amazing beautiful wife (the other half of Deckheds) for putting up with me for 5 days…it’s not an easy job looking after me.

Pictures and videos all taken by Kate.














Karl & Kate

10 Tunes For No Reason #2

So here’s another 10 Tunes For No Reason. Some new, some old – some that I played tonight at my weekly Indie club residency (which is why they are fresh in my mind). Remember these 10 Tunes… aren’t necessarily what I would play at a wedding. They just 10 tunes that I have played, listened to or rediscovered. Maybe you will know some, maybe you won’t but hopefully you will like some. Take a listen… and let me know what you think in the comments.


EWE TUBE – eclectic wedding extravaganza


This is quite tenuous I must admit but in a conversation with Jo from the amazing Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza which was based around us replacing the word ‘you’ with ‘EWE’ we hit on the idea of making a EWE playlist. Daft? Yes… fun, well yeah it was until I decided to include the song ‘I Would Die 4 You’ by Prince in the list. It seems that the diminutive genius has had all YouTube clips of his early work removed from EWEtube in what can only be described as a little boys tantrum. So instead I have put the excellent version by Mariachi El Bronx in the list.

So without further adieu, here’s 20 songs for EWE. I hope EWE like them.

Michael Jackson – The Way EWE Make Me Feel

Arctic Monkeys – Why’d EWE Only Call Me When You’re High

The Wannadies – EWE And Me Song

Mariachi El Bronx – I would Die 4 EWE

Sister Sledge – Thinking Of EWE

Jet – Are EWE Gonna Be My Girl?

The Vaccines – If EWE Wanna

Minnie Riperton – Loving EWE

Disclosure – F For EWE

Coldplay – Fix EWE (live at Glastonbury 2011)

The Zutons – EWE Will EWE Won’t

Chaka Khan – I Feel For EWE

The Real Thing – EWE To Me Are Everything

Rod Stewart – EWE Wear It Well

The Killers – When EWE Where Young

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over EWE

Paul Simon – EWE Can Call Me Al

Fleetwood Mac – Say EWE Love Me

The Jesus And Mary Chain – EWE Trip Me Up

The Supremes – EWE Keep Me Hangin’ On


10 Tunes For No Reason.

For absolutely no reason and with no theme, rhyme nor reason, here’s 10 tunes I like. Not necessarily music that I would play at a wedding but having a dig through the crates often reminds you tunes you haven’t played in a while so… here you go, some new some old (in fact mainly old this time).
You may like some of them too – if you do I’d love hear which ones and why.

Formation – Young Ones

Squeeze – Up The Junction

The Marvels – Rock Steady

Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love

Diana Ross – No one Gets The Prize

Supergrass – Time

Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep

The Clash – Magnificent Seven

The Cure – Charlotte Sometimes

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights