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The Smiths – ‘Ask’

Check out the FAQ below for some useful facts and information. If there’s anything you’re not sure about then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Who are Deckheds?

Karl & Kate Yates. We are a husband and wife run company. We were married in 2013 and honestly we still think we are newly weds. I am the DJ and Kate  keeps all the vital bits of information in the right place. I am the person you speak to about music and I am the guy the plays at your wedding. I don’t out-source or have substitutes like some DJs do – I am your wedding DJ. We both attend all our weddings, whilst I am tearing up your dance floor Kate will be somewhere in the background ready to help with requests or anything that you need from us. Kate often gets more attention than me but that’s because she is beautiful (aw).

Where and when?

We are based in the North West of England but wherever a great soundtrack is needed, we will be there… if you want to fly us out to Hawaii then we’re there. I have resident club nights so my availability is subject to my gigs but once you have booked us; we are yours. Please enquire.

Are you insured?

Yes, fully. We have Public and Product Liability Insurance up to £10 million via the Mobile DJ Network . You can check our PLI status here.

Is your Equipment PAT tested?

Yes, annually. Our PAT certificate will be available when you book and on the date of the event. We can also forward a copy to your venue in advance.

Food and Alcohol

TEA… Deckheds is powered by cups of Tea so we will love you if you can arrange for a pot of tea to be provided. Soft drinks and water are very much appreciated as is some food from the evening buffet.
For events longer than 4 hours or for when we have travelled for a few hours evening buffet food is required even if it is put to one side for us to eat when we have packed up before a long journey home.

For ‘All day events’ food and refreshments will be included in the contract. Gotta keep the energy levels up.

We do not drink alcohol. As I am a club DJ I have a habit of politely refusing all drinks that are offered to me.

What do you wear?

Well I’m sure you have seen the Deckhed figure hanging around my website. That’s me, although I have a real head and not a deck on my neck. I always wear a smart modern suit and I rock an awesome bowtie. I like to wear a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors that match my bowtie.

Do you cater for children?

No, sorry. I am not a children’s entertainer, I do not do children’s parties .


I think we’ve covered this on the website already but to reiterate – it’s your day, it’s your music. You can provide me with as many song requests as you like, I won’t be offended. I’ll mix them seamlessly and concentrate all my efforts on filling the dance-floor.


From time to time we offer discounts at wedding fairs and other events. All discounts are on the base DJ packages only and exclude additional performance hours, travel and/or accommodation costs. Discounts can only be applied at the enquiry stage with the discount code stated in the enquiry and will not be applied retrospectively.

Venue access, setup & pack up time.

We require a minimum of 1 hour to setup our smallest setup. For our full setup and for venues where access includes steps, lifts or long corridors we require more time. Our setup is state of the art and requires careful setup. We also need time to setup the turntables. We have dramatically reduced setup time by purchasing wireless, battery powered lighting. If your event times over run we will still require the full time to setup.

We also require 1 hour to safely and carefully pack up. Please ensure that your venue can accommodate this after your event finishes.

Rude or abusive behaviour

Not from me of course…butter wouldn’t melt but my club experience has taught me that some people can get a bit out of hand when the alcohol has been flowing. If we encounter anything that you would not expect to deal with when doing your job we will firstly ask you to deal with it – a swift word from a Grandma usually sorts people out. If the behaviour persists we reserve the right to cancel and leave. This is clearly stated in our Terms & Conditions and is standard practice amongst wedding DJs – zero tolerance.


A 30% ‘Booking Fee’ and a signed ‘Booking Contract’ are required to secure your date. Dates are not secured until both are received. When the ‘Booking Fee’ and ‘Booking Contract have been received the date is booked and will not be changed by us. The ‘Booking Fee’ is non refundable.

Final Payments are to be made 8 weeks prior to the wedding/event date and this is specified on the ‘Booking Contract’.

Travel & Accommodation.

We are more than happy to drive the length and breadth of the country but we only include free travel costs up to 50 miles radius of Preston. Mileage is charged at 50p per mile thereafter. This simply covers fuel costs and is standard practice by most mobile DJ’s. Please also consider the time involved in driving long distances.

For example: Preston to Birmingham is 107 miles. 214 miles return. Minus 100 miles free included in each package (50 miles return from Preston) = 114 miles at 50p a mile.
Total Travel Cost: £57.
This simply covers fuel costs and is calculated using Google Maps. You can use the post code PR2, Preston and the post code of your venue to work out our travel charges.

We play the length and breadth of the UK. For some journeys we may require overnight accommodation. This would typically be for over 4 hour journeys and would be a standard Travel Lodge type hotel charged at approximately £75. If you can provide accommodation and  safe parking then that’s great.