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‘Music Sounds Better With You’ – Stardust

I love Indie, Motown, House & Pop, Hip Hop, 60’s and 70’s retro R&R and we all love some 80’s classics and 90’s dance. But do I play ‘Agadoo’ and the ‘Macarana’ no I don’t. I mean no offence to DJs that do and if you want that kind of music then I wish you a great wedding but I’m just not that guy. I am definitely non cheesy. I don’t mind playing a bit of ‘good cheese’ if a couple requests it but there’s just so much great music without having to play the same tired wedding cliche music.

We will play whatever you want but if you have got this far on our website we’re kinda thinking your musical tastes don’t include ‘The Birdy Song’ ?

Genres, Cheese, Requests etc.

You know what I love doing the most? Genre hopping sets that take you on a journey all around the musical globe – these can be the hardest but most rewarding kinds of gigs and, that was probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written ..!

I am an experience Indie DJ and I have held some of the longest running and most successful Indie club nights in the North West – please check out my Gigs & Residences page for information on some of the bands I have DJd with and the album launch parties I have played at.

I also specialise in Indie, funk, motown, soul and disco – hip hop and house and yes, good pop music, there’s always great pop. I am most definitely a non cheesy and non cringeworthy… I don’t talk on the mic unless it’s a formal announcement and I do not play games, entertain children… I am not a wedding host… I am DJ.

Let’s talk about cheese

Firstly, we all like some cheesy tunes…that’s a fact…one persons cheese is another persons classic and it’s sometimes hard to decided whether a track is one or other – it’s all down to personal preference and age. If you want something cheesy then we’ll play it but what we won’t do is play the same 4 hours of typical wedding music that you’ve probably heard before and wish to avoid. That’s the reason why you are checking Deckheds out.
You probably don’t want to hear any music that has a bad dance move and that’s fine. We avoid that kind of music by default.
It’s not snobbery – we just want to DJ for people that LOVE music and want to have a great, fun night dancing to brilliant music.

Guest Requests

Getting your guests to include a favourite song on their RSVP is a great idea but don’t worry, we will vet them. We all know ‘Dave from Accounts’ wants to hear some Death Metal and if you say no then I won’t play it. This also goes for requests on the night. Trust me, you’re hiring me for my experience and I’m quite happy to say no to a request if I think it will ruin the dance floor or isn’t appropriate but if someone asks for something inspired I’ll stick it on – I love getting requests in the heat of the moment.

Every DJ will tell you that it’s your night so you can pick the music but that’s only half the job. You need a DJ that understands you and gets you. One that doesn’t suddenly drop something that you cannot stand so we encourage our couples to tell us what they don’t want to hear as much as what they do. You need to be able to trust your DJ.

We encourage all our couples to send me as many requests as they like. Not to do our job for us but so we can build up a profile about the kind of people you are.
You are welcome to send them whenever you like.
I once received last minute text requests from a bride whilst she was having her hair done just hours before the ceremony because she had a flash of inspiration… We love that.

Please see our What We Do page for more on requests.
What We Do

I will create a bespoke play-list that will have you, your friends and your gran on the dance-floor all night and it will all be seamlessly mixed by loving hands.
As Kate would say, “Heels Off – Flats On”.

Personal Service

I am your personal music manager and you can contact me at any time with suggestions or questions about music.
When your booking is confirmed you can contact me by phone or email as many times as you wish. I know how crazy planning a wedding is and you sometimes you just need some reassuring that things are all in order.

Check out some mixes here.