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The Who – ‘Who Are You’

I am a non-cheesy, non cringeworthy DJ.

My personality and enthusiasm is a huge part of what I do. I will be bouncing up and down behind the decks as much as you are on the dance-floor. I won’t have my head buried, I am certainly not boring and I am definitely not ‘too cool for school’.

However, I am a non-chessy DJ. I am not an entertainer or host. I won’t talk on the mic over your favourite tunes or tell jokes. Of course I will do all your formal announcements and introductions as and when required, as would a traditional wedding DJ and I will be very respectful to you, your guests and family but when the lights go down and the music starts I’m a party rockin’ DJ – that’s it.

You get from me what you would get from a great club DJ but a fun, friendly one that plays the music you want to hear.

Why (and how) do I use turntables?

I learned to DJ with vinyl – it’s what I love to use. The tactile feel of mixing with records is completely different to using CDs or a laptop and whilst I have no problem with CD and laptop DJs, using turntables is just how I prefer to DJ.
However, playing at weddings for people that have eclectic tastes in music means I have to have a lot of music with me at every wedding.

If I was to use regular vinyl I would need to carry 10 or 20 boxes of vinyl and this simply isn’t possible. It’s also very difficult to get all the music required on vinyl as most is released digitally or on CD.

Fortunately there is a technology that allows me to still use my decks and mix in the traditional way but have a huge library of music on a laptop. This is called ‘DVS’ (digital vinyl system) – the records I use are called ‘Timecode’ – each timecode record is exactly like a normal vinyl but instead of a song, the groove is a code that goes into the DJ mixer then into the laptop and this allows me to control the music on the laptop in exactly the same way as mixing with a regular vinyl… the same mixing skills are required, there’s no cheating or automixing but this allows me to guarantee that I have all the music that a couple has requested prior to the wedding and pretty much anything that might be requested on the night … pretty clever eh..?

I have spent the last 15 years recording my original vinyl and rebuying music specifically for this purpose.

I also use DJ controllers (small, lightweight units that control the music like CD players) like most wedding and mobile DJ’s do in fact I was one of the early adopters of this DJ technology in the UK. However, I find that people still like to see a DJ mixing with turntables – it’s not about being cool – it’s about the joy of decks and knowing your DJ can really DJ.

Whether I use turntables or a DJ controller I will rock your night regardless.


One of the main reasons we set Deckheds up is to give couples that love music and have an eclectic taste more control over what they hear at their own wedding. We trust the couples that book us because we know you have great taste in music – the last thing you want is to be forced to hear that same old cheesy wedding playlist that has been stuck on a loop for decades.

We love receiving requests – not to do our job for us, there’s much more to DJ’ing that just having the music but we want to play the music that you and your guests love. It has to be right.

You can submit a request list, a guest request list even send us your Spotify playlist and we guarantee to have every song requested. Obviously there’s a limit to how many tracks we can play in one night and we are very experienced at reading a crowd so you don’t have to send 100’s of tracks but we do not put a limit on the amount of requests you can send because we know that you LOVE music.
Oh…and you can also send us a Don’t Play List – if you do not want to hear it at your wedding, you won’t. It’s your day – it’s your music.

Our Style

I always wear a suit and I usually rock an awesome spotty bow tie which is kinda my trademark (you might have noticed I have a bit of an obsession about bow ties) – Kate is always with me and is often in Polka Dots.

I love wearing my Converse All Star’s but if you prefer I wear some smart shoes I will do so.

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