Why Deckheds?

Alternative wedding DJ lancashire

‘Get On your dancing shoes’ – Arctic Monkeys

It’s a good question. There are simply 1000’s of DJs out there that can do your wedding or event but very few that are right for you.

The wedding industry has moved on a lot in the last 10 years – there are so many wicked dress designers and photographers that are creative and a have totally non-traditional way of doing things but the entertainment side of things has largely stayed the same.

We believe that couples these days want a kick ass DJ that brings the party – someone like them, a person that loves music, dancing and a bit of clubbing. Someone that goes to festivals, gigs and loves a sweaty packed dance-floor.

If that sounds like the kind of person you are then you and Deckheds are made for each other.

My experience DJing in clubs has taught me one thing – the dance-floor is all that matters. I love looking out from the DJ booth seeing people losing themselves to the music and what better place to do it than at the happiest day of 2 peoples lives.

Alternative wedding DJ lancashire


We love weddings. I got married to my beautiful wife Kate (in the pic on the left) in May 2013. Our wedding DJ was a close friend in fact he was the guy that gave me my first ever resident DJ gig. During our wedding disco I thought, “I would love to be that guy” – that guy that makes the last part of your special day remembered for the right reason.

When you book us you get 2 new buddies. Someone you can talk to at any time about music because I love nothing more than talking about music (except for playing it).

Some DJs give you a time allotted slot before the big day to sort out the play-list. Not us, you can contact us anytime you want from the day of the booking up till the day of the event. When you get the flash of inspiration and you simply must add a track to the playlist, just get in touch. We love enthusiastic couples that get fired up about music.

Our music collection is vast and our love of many genres makes us perfect for occasions when you want a mixture of music that can keep everyone on the dance floor from your friends to your Uncle and Grandma.

I play at various clubs and bars and I have a great knowledge of many genres. If you want Top 40 or funk, Indie or motown, mixed up 90’s dance and hip hop, 60’s R&B or just massive dancefloor smashers I can do it and mix it all seamlessly. I also love doing chilled out jazzy sets that are perfect for wedding breakfasts or more cosy, laid-back moments, BBQ’s and summer events.

Not only am I a wedding DJ based in Preston Lancashire, I am a club and festival DJ. Please check out my current and previous club residencies – click here.